1. First time in INDIA used IA (Reamer Irrigator Aspirator) for harvesting Bone graft from medullary cavity of bone for extensive bone loss management.
2. Innovated surgical Implant – “MC Patella Wire”
3. Innovated surgical instrument:
1. MC Reduction clamp
2. Tibia Nailing stand
4. Published Handbook on Pre-Operative Planning of Orthopedic Instruments.
5. Handbook on Stages of Fractur Healing – “A doctors guide for patient education”
6. Presented Paper at various International, National, State and regional conferences.
7. Published 4 international papers and 10 National papers.
8. Invited as the Guest Faculty at International, National, State & Regional conferences.
9. Invited as a guest faculty by British Orthopaedic Association.
10. Published ” NEW EPSILON SIGN “in international paper in European Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology

Book Published By Dr. R. M. Chandak

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